Do I Need Life Insurance?

The simplest answer to this question is to consider whether your death would leave anyone in a financial bind. If you want to leave your loved ones with a nest egg rather than debt, for example, or cover the cost of your burial at the very least, you should consider having at least some coverage.

How much Life Insurance coverage do I need?

Assure that you leave enough to pay your debts and to cover expenses. Our simple rule-of-thumb is to add all of your debts (including mortgage) and 70% of your annual expenses times 20 years. (Assumes 30% of annual expense is in debt servicing.)

What type of Life Insurance should I get?

There are may types of Life Insurance and an agent could best help you decide which type to get. We offer free, anonymous quotes on several types of life insurance, including term — the most popular and affordable, term to-age — term, but covers you until a specified age, term ROP — a term policy, but at the end of the term you receive back 100% of the premiums you paid, and universal-life — the most flexible (albeit expensive) option with a guaranteed payout.

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Provide a no-cost, no-obligation life insurance pricing service without subjecting you to a bunch of spam, robo-calls, and sales pitches.

Making the process of learning whether or not you need insurance and how much it might cost you easier. We want to answer your questions about Life Insurance in simple, plain English.

Help you get the most out of your insurance coverage throughout your life.

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We come to the life insurance market as “civilians” - meaning that most of us have struggled through the process of trying to buy life insurance one time or another and not feeling all the better for it. We want to change that and, as we we’ve come to discover, life insurance is too important a tool to be mishandled in the market as badly as it currently is.

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The core of CoverYoo’s rapidly growing team is made up of veteran software entrepreneurs, software engineers and insurance industry experts.

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